Rocking boys clothes since I’m little and always thought you can make so much cool stuff out of them. Recognizing the girls section at skatershops been always way too small and boring – the shops where I actually believe it all started with THE cool, sporty and comfy clothing with sick prints and rad colors.

So I decided to create Urban Dough. Don’t get me wrong. Either men or women or other gender types like to dress up. But loose clothes are comfortable, hanging at the park or streets, outdoor action, skating and dancing is so much more fun when you actually feel free in your clothes. Colorful, honestly provocative and bougie.

I believe every shape, size and gender can rock Urban Dough.

It’s maybe too random to shoutout a big thank you on a webpage of an Onlineshop. But especially in times of Corona and the big movement of hopefully ending racism in our society long-term, I think there should be no limit of spreading love.

So thank you to all those hella cool friends and fam who share and join this project, the photoshoots, the videos, the production and the vibe.

God is great. Make your dough, Homeboys and Homegirls!