I thrive in a world where art meets construction. My passion and expertise as a civil engineer with a creative flair, bring a unique perspective to the design of spaces and projects. With a solid understanding of civil engineering, interior design, furniture, and an acute eye for aesthetics and style, I transform spaces into personal havens of beauty and functionality with confidence.

My mission is to seamlessly blend art and construction to bring affordable luxury to my clients. I believe that everyone deserves spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and distinctive, and I am confident that I can deliver.

My versatility and experience in crafting artworks, fashion lines, furniture, album covers, merchandise lines, and book covers inform my work, allowing me to provide holistic and tailored solutions for my clients. Let's work together with confidence to create environments that not only delight the eyes but also touch the hearts. Because affordable luxury and aesthetic refinement are tangible realities that can be achieved.

The future

I believe that unity brings the best out of every idea. Together we make the world more colourful and lovable.


The combination of German Handwerk and the sense for indiviadual art is my way to add somethin to this world.